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Customer Privacy

Customer privacy is one of the biggest concern most companies have. We solve this by collecting very minimal information about a customer.  Also, our system gives full control to customer to safeguard their privacy.

What Information We Collect

We collect your name, phone number, email and your localtion (city, state zip) to validate if the reviewer is actually a customer of the servicing company. Most of this information is first used to look up against companies' customer database. Rest of the survey questionnaire information is not identifiable with a customer record. 

What Controls Do Customers Have

First of all, if you feel the servicing company does not have any concern for your privacy, you shouldn't fill out the survey to begin with. Most companies value your business and they will do the best they can to protect your privacy. 

Other options you have as a customer is on the survey itself. Most clients ask for First Name and Last Initial. This way we never make your full name public. This is an option because many people nowadays feel comfortable with their name being public on the web. Facebook, Yelp, Google, Yahoo and other large sites allow people to use their personal information. So, this is no different. 

The survey also has a very important key feature which allows you to give great feedback to the company and not make your survey public. The last question on EVERY SINGLE survey by Review Central asks customer to give permission to make the survey live on the company's website. Simply say no if you do not want to share your review with the world. That's it!!! The platform will protect your privacy at this point. 

Have any concerns?

Did you fill out a survey with one of our verified websites? If the company does not meet our terms of use, please contact us and we will resolve any issues you might have with the company.